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The bioenergetic concentrate generated by Urs Surbeck contains bioenergetic informations.

„Urs Surbeck concentrate“ is a high-energy basic-acting concentrate. It contains a surplus of programmed electrons. The cluster size of the concentrate is perfect so that it is possible to extract an enormous amount of energy by using various further steps, e.g. by implementing light photons and rainbow light spectrum as well as the whole gem structure. The basic bioenergetic concentrate counterbalances structural energetic deficiencies quickly and harmoniously. When added to water, it adopts its natural bioenergetic structure energy. „Dead“ tap water regains its natural bonding capacity. Nutrient matter and oxygen are buffered by the water in a more efficient way. The water tastes soft and is easily absorbed by the body. 

„Urs Surbeck concentrate“ acts directly on the liquid crystalline structure of the body water in a hexagonal shape. The strong light energy brings the oscillation of the silicium parts in the body to a high frequency. The cells recall harmonious primordial information.

Urs Surbeck

Award-winning inventor

Urs Surbeck, inventor of the concentrate carrying his name, went back to the established method of electrolysis and carried on with it. Based on that method originated in Russia the four-chamber-technology was generated.

For the technology of the latest industrial standards of electrolysis he was awarded the German Federal Innovation Prize in 2004. The relevant patent specification was published in 2007. During 20 years Surbeck had developed and realized technical concepts of water treatment for major companies.

Since several years Surbeck has been studying energetic potentialization techniques. For the production of the highly ionized and potentialized basic bioenergetic concentrate he constructed a new singular machine. It works on a natural basis.

The combination of expert knowledge and intuitive insight was successful. Nature led Surbeck to exceptional solutions and mysterious techniques. Surbeck decodes their secrets to the benefit of a better future for people, animals and environment. 

Good water is essential

Our well-being depends substantially on clean, uncontaminated drinking water. Water regulates the health of body and mind. Recent scientific findings show that the structure of our water is tremendously important for it.

To cope with every day’s requirements everybody is reliant on water of the highest possible quality. It is our most important nutrient matter and indispensable for any kind of life. Humans consist of 80% of water, the brain even of more than 90%.

If water has a high inner quality, its assets come to full capacity. If size and structure of its cluster are balanced, it provides us with vital energy and has the ability to reactivate the cell information.

Structure of high importance

There is a direct correlation between the structure of the cell water and the structure of the water outside the cell (e.g. lymph).

Many modern diseases – particularly cancer – show a loss of structure and negative structure alterations resulting in dysfunctions.

„The cell lives forever“ if it has a healthful surrounding!

The French scientist Dr. Alex Carrel kept the cell of a chicken heart alive for legendary 34 years  and won the Nobel Prize for that achievement. Dr. Alex Carrel: „The cell is immortal !“ It is the surrounding liquid (water) that degenerates.


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